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Recommended by 97% of consumers ⁽¹⁾

  • 3PMSF

  • Mud and Snow


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Safety and mobility in every weather condition

- Dry braking ⁽²⁾
- Wet grip ⁽³⁾
- Never stuck in snow thanks to winter certification, 3PMSF

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Awarded by Fleet News

Honoured as "Best New Product or Service" 2016 by Fleet News in the UK ⁽⁴⁾


Auto Picto auto michelin crossclimate technology Tyres

The successful fusion of summer and winter technologies

- An intelligent new mix of compounds 
- The combination of a unique V-shaped tread pattern with new 3D self-locking sipes
- The innovative association of bevel-edged tread blocks with higher-performing sipes

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63 reviews
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Nothing compares to these tyres

Semaj - August 14, 2020

I'm writing this as I've just replaced my Crossclimate with the newer version, so this is a full life cycle review. I had the 225/55/17 in 101XL on a Mazda 6 tourer 2.2d automatic. Traction, lateral grip and breaking in the dry (regardless of temperature) has been really excellent. This is a heavyish family car and only once in the 3.5 years these were mounted did I hear them squeal due to having to take evasive action. Regardless of how hard I have had to break, the ABS never had to kick in. Through rain at speed, even towards the end of their life, no aquaplaning, excellent traction. Lateral grip in the damp dropped a little just ahead of the 3mm level. Snow, slush and ice. Great in cold "dry snow", probably 90% of the performance of an outright winter tyre and ample for the South East of England. Ice performance again comparable to a non studded winter tyre. Of course you can't get up an incline from a standing start on sheet ice, but in general driving conditions on patchy ice, with the required care and attention these cope well. Where they aren't as effective is braking and steering in wet, slushy snow. Traction in acceleration still good though. Comfort is excellent in all conditions, quiet, though a higher pitched noise than previous tyres I've had. Wear is phenomenal. This is a heavy automatic fwd car. I rotated every 6k miles and when these came off, had covered 42k miles and had 3.2mm left on average all around. They would have stayed on longer, i reckon another 8k easily, but they did suffer during the 2020 covid lockdown where the car went nowhere for 3 months and being exposed to the elements without moving caused the sidewall edges to deteriorate to a point that I felt it was time to update. They are incredible tyres, so much so in Aug 2020 I have replaced with CC and hope these are as good. I literally don't see the point in buying another brand or type of tyre again, these are the best

  • Dry grip and braking
  • Longevity
  • Wet grip and braking
1 / 5

I won't be buying them again

DRT2 - July 2, 2020

Following good reviews I put Michelin Crossclimate tyres on my new Skoda Kodiaq 4 x 4. They performed as well as the reviews BUT I have one observation that I feel you and your readers should be made aware of. If the car is parked on my (or other) gravel driveways the gravel will stick to the tyres. And I mean stick! The longer the car is parked the more the gravel becomes stuck. The gravel stays on the tyres as I reverse up the driveway and is then deposited on the roadway. The gravel is so well stuck that the car feels like it is going over bumps as the tyres rotate. The problem is bad enough for me to now go to the trouble of prising off the gravel each time I use the car! The tyres have done this since new (now covered around 2000 miles) and the problem is present irrespective of weather conditions - it makes no difference if it's freezing cold, hot, wet or dry. The problem isn't related to the gravel type in our driveway, it's a standard chipping used by the developer on our and neighbouring properties. My neighbours do not have the gravel sticking to their tyres - needless to say, they don't have Crossclimate tyres. Our other car (Suzuki S Cross All Grip) has Vector 4Season tyres on it and the gravel has never stuck to them. I also have a motorbike (BMW 1250GS) and it's soft compound "sticky" tyres do not pick up the gravel either. I can drive the full length of our driveway to put the motorbike in the garage and not have a single piece of gravel in the garage. So the Crossclimates are a tyre with excellent performance but also with a considerable flaw should one regularly park on gravel.

  • Dry grip and braking
  • Longevity
  • Wet grip and braking
1 / 5

No traction sidelong on wet snow

Gabor - January 3, 2020

I had an accident yesterday, fresh snow, 2Celsius, I tried to stop the car from 20km/h and after it the car started to slide down on the side. Ther was ZERO gripping force with this tire. It is not good on wet snow, this V shape cannot able to stop the car when it starting to slip aside. It is not good in winter. I drove 25years and I wasnt in this kind of situation before. Never.

  • Dry grip and braking
  • Longevity
  • Wet grip and braking
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225/55 R18 102V XL AO
No price available
Section Width 225
Height 55
Rim Diameter 18
Load 102
Speed V





⁽¹⁾ Consumers' opinions (1542) on MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre published on 09/05/2016 on all Michelin European websites (information aggregated and collected on the website: and certified).

⁽²⁾ Dry braking: Internal study carried out in 2016 on size 185/60 R14, comparing MICHELIN CrossClimate and MICHELIN Energy Saver+

⁽³⁾ Wet braking label "B" on the European labelling

⁽⁴⁾ FRANKFURT PRESS KIT - September 2015: MICHELIN CrossClimate meets the needs of corporate fleet managers. Many of them have already chosen it – for example BRITISH GAS in the UK, Carglass and KPMG in Belgium and ALD in the Netherlands. Winner of the Innovation Award at the Van Fleet World Honours 2016.

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