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MICHELIN all-season tyres ranking

All-Season tyres are hybrid tyres that can be used all-year round. They combine technologies developped for summer and winter tyres to enable them to be used safely in dry, wet or snowy conditions, at any time of the year.

The 3PMSF marking (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) on the sidewalls of our all-season tyres confirms that they can be used in winter, even in countries where winter tyres may be required during a certain part of the year or in certain weather conditions.

If you are searching for the best all-season tyres for your car, you have come to the right place. Discover MICHELIN best all-season tyres and find out what independent european tyre testers say about them.

MICHELIN CrossClimate 2

Stay in motion anywhere, in any weather, from the first to the last kilometer. MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 is the master of the all-season tyres[1]: leader for dry braking[5], leader for snow braking and traction[2][3] and leader in wet and snow performance at the legal wear limit[2][3][4]. This tyre boasts even better overall safety[1] and fuel consumption[7] than its best-selling predecessor[9]. Drive with confidence on summer or winter roads, whatever unexpected cold weather hits.

In 2023, Auto Zeitung rated MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 "Highly Recommended" and "Fuel Saving Recommendation​", on 9 tyres 215/55R17.

"Top performance in snow and dry conditions outweighs the moderate wet result - second place. Rides particularly efficiently thanks to the low rolling resistance. (Auto Zeitung - 2023)"

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MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 SUV

Choose an SUV tyre that you can depend on whatever the weather. MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 SUV, the SUV version of MICHELIN CrossClimate 2, is specially designed to optimise safety all year long. Confidently tackle early morning freeze with this versatile all-season tyre, part of the best-selling tyre family in Europe[2]. Overcome weather conditions and achieve more from your SUV with the master of the all seasons tyres[1]. Thanks to the best braking in dry, wet and snow, you can master unpredictable weather conditions and save time and money with fewer seasonal tyre changes[1].

In 2023, the MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 SUV tyre was the Test Winner of the comparative test carried out by AUTO BILD ALLRAD, on 10 all-season tyres in 235/65 R17​.

"All-round talent with balanced performance potential,​ convincing winter and dry performance​ very good aquaplaning reserves (Auto Bild Allrad - 2023)"


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