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All-season tyres - Can they really be used all year round?

All-season tyres, 4-season tyres or all-weather tyres: whatever you call them, we’re talking about tyres that are up to the challenge.

What is an all-season tyre, exactly?

An all-season tyre is a hybrid tyre which can be used both in summer and winter conditions.

All-season tyres combine the technology of winter and summer tyres to enable safe driving at all times of year, on both dry and wet surfaces and even in snow.

Although common in much of Europe, driving with summer tyres during winter is not advisable. All-season tyres offer a safer alternative, ensuring better road handling and grip in difficult conditions.

As for those of you who are used to alternating your summer/winter tyres twice a year, switching to all-season tyres will simplify your life and save you time!

All-season tyres - are they a suitable alternative to winter tyres?

All-season tyres perform well in temperatures ranging from -10 °C to +30 °

Image caption :
1 - Nordic tyres
2 - Winter tyres 
3 - All-season tyres (from -10°C to +30°C)
4 - Summer tyres


Because the rubber used in all-season tyres is able to adapt very quickly to the temperature of the ground and remains flexible even on very cold roads. Also, the structure has sipes, as on our winter tyres, which allow performance on wet and snowy roads.

If you live in a region where mild winters are the norm and snowfall is only an occasional occurrence, then the smooth, quiet drive that comes with all-season tyres may be an appropriate alternative for you. There is no need to swap these tyres throughout the year, saving you both time and energy.

Winter tyres remain the ultimate tyres for extreme conditions such as heavy snow or ice.

3PMSF: a label for proven winter performance

In Europe, when a tyre carries the 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow) label, this means that it has passed the test and meets the required performance criteria on wet and snowy roads.

All MICHELIN winter tyres carry the 3PMSF label. And even though all-season tyres have no legal obligation to carry the 3PMSF label, MICHELIN has made it a requirement that all its 4-season tyres pass the test.

Since all our 4-season tyres carry the 3PMSF label, they are proven to perform well all year round, including on snowy winter roads.

MICHELIN CrossClimate range: what is it?

Although they remain the best choice for driving in extreme weather, winter tyres are not as effective in summer, particularly when it comes to fuel consumption and braking distance on dry or wet roads.

Thanks to their combined summer/winter approach, MICHELIN CrossClimate range stands out from traditional all-season tyres by offering a unique design which can adapt to changing climate. The CrossClimate range is suitable for any vehicle, from small cars and saloons, to SUVs and vans.

As with the rest of its range, MICHELIN ensures that in the CrossClimate family performance remains excellent until the last kilometre.

To learn more about Michelin CrossClimate range, visit the product pages.

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