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Tyre replacement is an important decision. Being the only point of contact with the road, you want to make the smartest choice, but at the same time you care about the cost! Whether you are looking for car tyres, motorcycle tyres or bicycle tyres, this page will give you the current MICHELIN tyre offers available at our dealers.

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Tyre deals and offers, discount codes, flash sales…find all the current MICHELIN tyre offers here.
Because we understand this is not a simple choice, you will also find in this page useful tips and tools to help you find the best tyres for your usage.
Discover now the latest MICHELIN tyre offers and find the closest dealers now. 

Tyre replacement: why choose MICHELIN tyres?

Changing your tyres means a large expense for your budget. Most of the time, you are asking yourself “how much can I spend on them?”
Choosing tyres must be an informed choice. It must indeed be considered through their entire lifespan: how long will I keep them? How often will I need to change my tyres? Will my safety be preserved when my tyre will be worn…?
At Michelin, we understand your needs and we care about your daily safety and the one of your family’s.
We make continuous innovations to create premium tyres with high-quality requirements proving performance.

What are the current tyre offers?

To help you buy new MICHELIN tyres, we have listed here all of the regular tyre offers available all year round at our dealers’ shops. Find all the information you need here.
Our dealers’ network will provide you their best welcome and advice. 

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What MICHELIN tyres do I need? 

Are you looking for new tyres to equip your car, your van, your motorcycle or your bicycle...? Are you also wondering “what tyres do I need?”
Read our purchasing guide below to make the best tyre choice and to understand how MICHELIN tyres will accompany you for many miles of driving.

How to choose the best tyre for my usage?

To answer this question, we give you 6 tips to make an easy and well-advised decision:
1/ Find your tyre by using the tyre selector
2/ Have a look at the EU tyre label guide to understand how to read them and get clear information on tyres
3/ Check the current discounts available in your country
4/ Use the dealer locator to find a dealer near you
5/ Prepare your visit to the tyre shop
6/ Last but not least, read our useful tips to take care of your tyres and check our best driving advice for a safe drive