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Why choose your all season van tyres

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Your van has to drive all year round in changing weather conditions: cold in winter, hot in summer, on wet, muddy or dry ground, in rain and snow...
Should you opt for all-season tyres? If so, why? Your questions are answered in this article.

What are all season van tyres?

There are 4 categories of van tyres:

  • summer tyres
  • winter tyres
  • extreme winter tyres
  • all season tyres

Summer tyres are designed to perform well even at high temperatures. However, their effectiveness is limited in winter by cold temperatures and on snowy ground.

Winter tyres are specifically designed for cold weather conditions and perform well on snow or ice in temperatures between 7°C and -25°C. However, they are not as effective in summer when the heat is on.

For extreme winters with temperatures down to -40°, studded tyres are recommended. They offer better performance on icy surfaces with a shorter braking distance than non-studded winter tyres.

All season tyres can run in both very cold temperatures (down to -7°C) and very hot temperatures (+30°C). They are able to perform well in both summer and winter climates.

The 3PMSF label

When a tyre is marked with the 3PMSF (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) label, symbolised on the sidewall by a three-peak mountain with a snowflake inside, it means that it has been certified for efficient driving in winter conditions.

This certification, controlled by the European Union, establishes that the tyre can guarantee good efficiency and safety on snow.

While it applies to winter tyres, it provides an additional guarantee of winter performance for all-season tyres when they have this certification.

The benefits of all season tyres

As you can imagine, an all-season tyre for your van can offer many advantages. Let's take a closer look at what they have to offer:


That's the great feature of all season van tyres. You can keep them on all year round so you can drive safely through the seasons and their changing weather patterns.

And if you're sometimes late in rotating your summer/winter tyres, remember this:

  • all season tyres perform better in winter than summer tyres
  • all season tyres perform better in summer than winter tyres


Save time

Rotating summer/winter tyres is an operation that requires your van to be temporarily immobilised. This is valuable time during which your activity is interrupted.

By choosing all season van tyres, you will no longer lose this time as you can keep the tyres all year round.

Save money

You also save on the cost of rotation, as well as the cost of buying new tyres when the old ones wear out. Instead of buying two sets of tyres (winter and summer), you only buy a set of all-season tyres.

Should you choose all season van tyres?


It only depends on the type of winter conditions you have to drive your van in:

  • if your winter conditions are severe (down to -20°C) and you regularly have to drive on snowy roads at very low temperatures, winter tyres or extreme  winter tyres are your best option for your van.
  • if your winter conditions are moderate (temperatures do not drop below –7°C) and you drive in an area where snowfall is occasional, all-season tyres are your best choice for your van.

MICHELIN CrossClimate van tyres: the 4-season solution for your van

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Michelin has developed MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate, an all season van tyre designed to deliver safety, longevity and traction for peace of mind, whatever the weather.

This tyre combines the performance features that have already made the range so successful for passenger cars.

Here are some of its key performances:

  • For safety, leading dry braking(1) and A-rated wet grip(2)
  • Traction on challenging surfaces such as mud, grass, gravel and snow (3PMSF)(3)
  • Best for longevity, with at least 25% more mileage compared to main all-season, summer and winter competitors(4)(5)
  • Sidewall reinforced to help resist wear and tear

MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate van tyres review

In 2022, the independent magazine AUTO BILD Reisemobil tested six different brands of all-season tyres of the same size to compare their performance.

MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate in 2022 was chosen as "Test Winner 2022".

Here is the review that AUTO BILD published:

Balanced performance in all weather conditions, only Michelin's Agilis CrossClimate receives our ‘Exemplary’ seal of approval.


(1) - dry braking - Dry Braking Tests conducted by IDIADA on Michelin’s request, in 2017 & 2019, on dimension 235/65 R16C 115/113 R, on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, in comparison with its major Premium Summer, Winter & All-Season Competitors (MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (40.7m) compared to BRIDGESTONE Duravis 660 (41.7m), CONTINENTAL ContiVanContact™ 100 (41.7m),; CONTINENTAL VanContact Winter (47.1m), PIRELLI Carrier™ Winter (46.9M), & MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (41.5m) compared to CONTINENTAL VanContact™ 4Season (47.1m), PIRELLI Carrier™ All Season (44.0m). And in 2019 MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (46.2m) compared to  GOODYEAR Vector 4 Seasons Cargo(49.5m).


(1 bis) Dry Braking Internal Study at Ladoux in November 2020, on dimension 235/65R16C 115/113 R, on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (39.8m) compared to BRIDGESTONE Duravis All Season (41.5m).


(2) - wet grip - MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate scores A on the Wet grip class on the European labelling.


(3) - snow performance - MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate is approved for use in snow conditions with 3PMSF certification (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake).   


(4) - longevity - Longevity Tests conducted by DEKRA Test Centre on Michelin’s request, in 2017, on dimension 235/65 R16C 115/113 R, on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, in comparison with its major premium summer, winter & all-season competitors (SUMMER: MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (50,145 km); BRIDGESTONE Duravis 660 (42,760 km), CONTINENTAL ContiVanContact™ 100 (29,660 km), WINTER MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (50,412 km), CONTINENTAL VanContact Winter(32,863 km), PIRELLI Carrier™ Winter(33,009 km); ALL SEASON MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (47,702 km) CONTINENTAL VanContact™4Season (21,396km), PIRELLI Carrier™ All Season(30,467 km), GOODYEAR Vector 4 Seasons(29,790 km)). Longevity test run in average real usage (D50) with 10,000 km run, and extrapolated with estimated longevity at 1.6mm.           


(5) - longevity - Michelin internal study conducted in presence of DEKRA Test Centre (Narbonne Track), in December 2020- February 2021, on dimension 235/65R16C 115/113 R, on Renault Master, MICHELIN Agilis CrossClimate (29,789 km)  in comparison with BRIDGESTONE Duravis All Season (22,023 km). Longevity test run in average real usage (D50) with 9,421km run, and extrapolated with estimated longevity at 1.6mm.      

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