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  • SUV - 4x4


  • SUV - 4x4

mobility and braking for SUVs in winter.

Mobility for severe winter conditions, the MICHELIN Latitude Alpin LA2 SUV tyre delivers powerful traction, precision handling and braking on snow[1].

• MICHELIN's robust quality SUV winter road tyre
• Traction and braking on snow[1]
• Excellent snow handling tyre[1]
• Engineered to keep the most powerful SUVs mobile in severe winters
• Designed for leading SUV manufacturers[2]

Fits your vehicle

Powerful traction and braking performance on snow[1].

Experience safety and mobility in winter with the MICHELIN Latitude Alpin LA2 tyre, featuring a heavily grooved tread pattern to keep you moving on snow. Combined with MICHELIN StabiliGrip technology, this SUV winter tyre delivers great traction and braking performance to enhance driving precision in harsh winter weather[1].

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Excellent precision handling on snow[1].

The MICHELIN Latitude Alpin LA2 SUV winter tyre maintains high levels of control on snow[1]. Featuring Helio Compound 3G and Ridge N Flex technology for grip in cold weather and steering precision when driving in snow. Keep control in harsh weather conditions. 


Designed for premium SUVs[2].

Designed for premium SUV manufacturers, such as BMW X5, Audi Q5, Porsche Cayan, Mercedes-Benz ML and GLK Class, the MICHELIN Latitude Alpin LA2 winter tyre is engineered to deliver performance and driving precision to keep your SUV mobile through difficult winter conditions. 


Heavily grooved tread pattern

Tyre tread with an increased number of ridges⁽³⁾ and sipes⁽⁴⁾.
Benefits: Greater traction and braking on snow and ice.

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Deep sipes designed in three dimensions, set out at variable angles allowing:
• more ridges for greater traction,
• the water film to be broken and the tyre to be on dry ground,
• increased rigidity in the rubber blocks.
Benefits: Grip and Driving precision.

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Helio Compound 3G

The 3rd generation of the Heliocompound rubber mixture. A new rubber mixture formula based on silica and using sunflower oil⁽⁵⁾, for better grip in cold weather.

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Ridge N Flex

A maximum of technology for greater grip on winter roads and more precise steering.

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Michelin 4X4 Latitude Alpin LA2 Technology

Michelin 4X4 latitude Alpin LA2 technology

Does this tyre fit my vehicle?


(1) - snow performance - Test winner Autozeitung, September 2018, Audi Q5, dimension 235/60R18.

(2) - designed for SUV - Homologated by Porsche Macan / Cayenne, BMW X5, Audi Q5, Mercedes ML- Class / GLK.

(3) - increased number of ridges and sipes - Up to 40% more ridges and 75% more sipes compared to the previous generation. 


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