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Tyres designed to provide safety and peace of mind in your daily drive across all weather conditions
Explore new horizons, whatever the weather
Enjoy year-round adventures with the exclusive MICHELIN CrossClimate Camping tyre. This high performance tyre is engineered for safety[1,2,3] on all surfaces.
  • All-season road and occasional light off-road usage tyre for motorhomes from Michelin
  • 3PMSF certified for safe traction, braking and grip on snow[1]
  • Safety with excellent grip on wet surfaces[2]
  • High performance dry braking[3]
  • Reinforced casing designed for long-term parking, with CP marking[6]

Key benefits for CROSSCLIMATE CAMPING tyre

Helps deliver safe and enjoyable travel all year round.
Soak up the freedom of the open road in any season with the MICHELIN CrossClimate Camping all-weather tyre. Designed for safety first, this 3PMSF certified tyre offers high levels of traction in winter[1] and excellent braking on wet and dry roads[2][3]. For fun family trips or weekend adventures, select a tyre with remarkable longevity[4].

No reviews yet, be our first reviewer!

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