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Ireland is full of opportunities to put your vehicle to the test and enjoy its potential. At Michelin, we know that great cars, motorcycles and scooters require great tyres, which is why our authorised dealers are stocked full of our latest products. Whether you’re cruising through city streets, driving your SUV or dirtbike off-road, or taking your sports car or bike out for a spin, there’s something for everyone at our authorised tyre dealers.

If you’re unsure which range is best for your vehicle, one of our friendly dealers will be happy to talk you through the different tyres and how each would affect your vehicle and ride. However, before you buy, there are a few things to consider which will make the selection process easier.

Consider Weather Conditions

One factor to consider when buying tyres is the type of weather you will come up against. Hot, dry weather can rarely be guaranteed in Ireland. Wet weather is common all year round, which can make the roads slippery. Remember that road surfaces have the least amount of grip when they are wet so your chances of losing traction are greatly increased.

Choose a Tyre Based on Terrain

Another factor affecting your tyre selection is the terrain you’ll be driving or riding on. Road driving doesn’t require the tread depth or ruggedness that an all-terrain or off-road tyre offers. Driving on the right tyre for your terrain will potentially reduce noise, promote even tread wear, and keep you from slipping or getting stuck. Speak to one of our authorised dealers to find out more.


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