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How to recognise a good winter tyre

There are special markings on a tyre that indicate whether they are winter or all season tyres.

Easy to spot, these symbols are located on the sidewall of the tyres.

3PMSF winter tyres

The 3PMSF symbol indicates that the tyres are both reliable and safe for driving in snow.

The 3PMSF marking is awarded by a certified laboratory.

To qualify for this marking, the tyre must have been tested according to a standardised regulatory method and performed to a satisfactory standard in terms of both mobility and safety on snow.

This symbol is increasingly becoming the norm for recognising a good winter tyre.

The 3PMSF symbol (3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake) is easily recognisable: a snowflake surrounded by 3 mountain peaks. By regulation, it is always accompanied by the M+S marking.

M+S winter tyres

M+S means mud and snow.

This marking indicates that the tyre is better suited to snowy or muddy roads than standard models (summer tyres).

Be aware that this marking does not require passing a certified test and is entirely up to the manufacturer.

Marking indicating that the tyre is, according to European rulings, a “snow” tyre but performances under winter conditions have not been subject to testing. Regulations are evolving, and it is the 3PMSF marking that is becoming the norm in Europe today.

MICHELIN recommends using winter tyres marked with 3PMSF rather than just M+S for driving in winter.

You can drive safely and with peace of mind knowing that all MICHELIN winter tyres and all season tyres are certified 3PMSF tyres.

What about markings on ice and studded tyres?

Nordic” or “ICE tyres are designed for driving in the most extreme conditions. They are specifically engineered for driving on icy roads, on hard-packed snow and in very low temperatures. No specific symbols exist for these tyres, apart from the standard M+S and 3PMSF markings.

Studded tyres are used only in icy and packed snow conditions. They should not be used in contact with the road surface.

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