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Nissan tyre pressure

MICHELIN Tyre Selector will help you find the recommended tyre pressure for your Nissan.

The MICHELIN Tyre Selector not only helps you find the right tyre for your Nissan but also provides the recommended tyre pressure for your Nissan. The most accurate way to get the tyre pressure information remains the indicator on the air valve and either the label on the inside front door of your car or the vehicle instruction manual. These references relate to the tyre pressure recommended by Nissan.

Step 1 : Enter the details of your Nissan vehicle

First, select the criteria specific to your Nissan using the MICHELIN Tyre Selector filters.

Each detail is important. In fact, in the Qashqai, the same model may have different inflation pressures depending on the engine, for example. So make sure to indicate the exact characteristics of your car. If in doubt, it is best to ask your dealer.

Then, click on "Check your pressure" to see the results

You can also consult the Nissan page to find the right tyre and pressure for the main models of this manufacturer.

Step 2 : Find your Nissan's model tyre pressure

On the results page, scroll down slightly: the tyre pressure is indicated with the tyre size details near the car pictogram.

Please note that some car manufacturers often propose an alternative tyre pressure for particular winter tyres.

The stated tyre pressures are indicative values. The recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle is listed in the maintenance guide, displayed on a sticker on the inside front door (often passenger side) or even on the vehicles fuel cap.

Feel free to consult our tyre selector or contact a tyre dealer to find out which MICHELIN tyre best suits your vehicle.

Top models for Nissan

Here you can access the tyre pressure recommendations for your Nissan for the most popular models.

Why is it important to check your tyre pressure regularly?

Since tyres naturally lose air (about 0.1 bar per month, or 1.45 PSI), regular pressure checks are necessary. We recommend checking the tyre pressure of your 
Nissan once a month
and before a long trip.

This way, you can avoid problems such as:

  • higher fuel consumption

  • premature and uneven tyre wear

  • poorer road holding

  • increased braking distance

Maintaining the tyre pressure recommended by Nissan for your model will improve your safety on the road, as well as that of your passengers and other drivers.

Beyond the safety aspect, this simple action is better for the environment and saves you money, especially on fuel consumption.