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Booming Economy of SUVs in Europe

SUVs are now the fastest growing car class on the planet. With the ability to tackle virtually every terrain you throw at it, these vehicles are the definition of versatility.

That said, did these cars burst onto the scene, or have our needs changed? Touch upon this handy infographic that details the booming economy of SUVs in Europe! 

UK top 10 Car Registrations

Mid-sized SUVs have successfully established themselves as favourites in regard to the class

Top 5 SUVs in...

The continuing trend of SUVs

Registrations by vehicle segment

Sales figures within the automotive industry have been rather bleak in the past few years. SUVs, however, have successfully managed to break the conventional norm in regard to new registrations. While other styles of vehicle have stagnated, SUVs are exponentially growing.

To Conclude

From the meagre family style compacts to the boisterous Super SUVs, the market is awash with a host of sports utility vehicles. Their sheer versatility has guaranteed that their rapid domination of the industry isn’t going to peter out any time soon.

Watch this space, because soon there will be an SUV parked in it.


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